Willow Wolfe Callia Mixed Media Brushes

Willow Wolfe Callia Mixed Media Brushes

Willow Wolfe CALLIA Artist Brushes

Callia Mixed Media brushes are a balance of innovative synthetics and precise craftmanship. Great for all mediums, and available in a wide range of unique shapes and sizes.

Callia brushes offer artists the freedom to explore in mixed media, acrylic, and oil, as well as watercolor or gouache with a range of shapes and sizes developed by artist and brush designer Willow Wolfe.

Check out Willow’s blog “What Does That Brush Do?” for helpful info on how to use different paint brushes.

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Obsessed With Details

Willow Wolfe brush handles are created with six layers to prevent cracking and ensure your treasured tools stand the test of time. Each individual handle is prepared with care using a six-step process. Cracking handles are caused by wood which swells when it comes into contact with water. To ensure we avoid swelling and maintain the integrity of your handle we apply a six-step process to coat the handle.

Framing Craftmanship With Beauty

Callia brushes feature a solid brass ferrule, secured with premium glue and meticulously inspected to ensure accurate shape, crimping and a scratch-free finish. The position of the filaments in the ferrule involves experience and with expertise assists in controlling how responsive the brush will be. Ferrules are often crimped in several places, although a great quality brush can be made without crimping the ferrule.


The additional process of interlocking filaments takes time and ensures brush shape retention. You’ll notice the gentle inward curve of these brushes in comparison to other brush lines. This ensures they hold their shape and resist splaying.

Discover The Extraordinary

Inspired by traditional practices and the pursuit of new synthetics, these brushes convey a balance of invention and precise craftsmanship.

Fur Free Vegan Filaments

Willow Wolfe is a family company with tremendous love and respect for animals and the natural world. Their objective is to create high quality, affordable brush lines with no animal hair. With new technological developments, they ensure that there is zero animal hair in any of their brushes. Their innovative synthetic blends with modified filaments, hold and distribute paint with an even and consistent flow, enhance performance, are more affordable and have increased durability.

The Callia Story

During her travels throughout the world, Willow has sought to discover the beauty in all things around her. While sharing a cup of tea with a master brushmaker, Willow’s dream of launching her line of world-class brushes was realized. Working alongside generations of brush making experience, Willow Wolfe created “Callia”, meaning beautiful!  It is not only Willow’s mission to make the best brush line in the world. She is equally passionate about ensuring it is affordable to all artists.  Callia embodies the idea that beauty creates beauty.

Welcome to Callia!

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