Marabu Colour for Mixed Media

Marabu art crayons

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Number of Colors Available 25 + Blender

Most permanent workable surfaces paper, gesso, wood, dry acrylic mediums and grounds, plaster, bisque-fired clay, and most absorbent or semi-absorbent surfaces

Least permanent workable surfaces Glass, metal, ceramic glaze, or other nonabsorbent surfaces. Not suitable for fabric that will be washed.

Techniques Mixed media, stenciling, monoprinting, stamping, transfer, watercolor/wet into wet, thick application smudging/blending, subtractive with a damp cloth and sgraffito.

 FAQs Artist quality • Coverage 164–229 linear ft.

  • Blends similarly to a high-quality, soft oil pastel
  • Lightfast, highly pigmented, and water-soluble
  • Cleans up with soap and water
  • Recommended for 6 years and over
  • Reworkable longest on surfaces such as gesso (up to 3-6 hours after application)
  • Sets up faster on absorbent surfaces such as paper
  • Use with acrylic paints, gels and mediums, sprays, watercolor, pastels, and other dry media
  • Can be used on walls • Wipe-resistant after 24 hours; not washable
  • Apply a light spray fixative for semi-permanence
  • Recommend the application of a water-based UV-protectant varnish on high-traffic areas
  • Use synthetic or synthetic/natural fiber blend brushes

Marabu Art Sprays

Number of Colors Available 24 + 2 Metallics

Most Permanent Workable Surfaces Paper, gesso, leather, wood, acrylic mediums and grounds, plaster, bisque fired clay and most absorbent or semi absorbent surfaces such as vinyl, polypropylene and polyester

Least Permanent Workable Surfaces Glass, metal, ceramic glaze or other nonabsorbent surfaces Techniques Mixed media, spraying, layering, watercolor, stenciling, monoprinting

FAQs Lightfast and highly-pigmented

  • Test before use
  • Cosmetic-grade spray nozzle for a fine mist
  • Spray at a 45 degree angle altering distance from the surface to vary the look
  • Transparency varies
  • Re-workable when wet, permanent when dry
  • Ensure surface is clean with no water repellant or UV coating
  • When working on leather or synthetic leather, remove any coating with a light solvent
  • Coverage 7.52 linear ft.
  • Spritz wet color with water or alcohol to create interesting textures
  • Sprinkle salt on wet color for a marbled effect
  • Use with acrylics, gels, and mediums; aerosol sprays, markers, watercolor, pastels, and other dry media
  • Works over wax for cold encaustic techniques
  • Can be used on walls
  • Application of a water-based UV protectant varnish is recommended on high-traffic areas
  • Between uses, turn the bottle upside down and pump the spray to empty and clear excess paint
  • Wipe nozzle clean with a damp cloth
  • If the spray becomes blocked, remove pump and rinse well
  • Nozzle can be cleaned by carefully inserting a pin into the sprayer • Use synthetic or synthetic/ natural fiber blend brushes

Project Ideas

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