COVID UPDATE – Sept. 19, 2021

Update Tuesday, December 21

Everyone is double-vaccinated, some already have their booster shots. We are still following basic protocols. Masks are mandatory, safe distancing is possible with limited people in store . Our art classes are running at Artelier Studios. Attendees must provide proof of 2x vaccine at time of registering. Participants are limited to 12 and masks must be worn at all times.

What will we do if lock-downs happen again in the new year? Artelier will move to Online Zoom Classes. Kits will be available for curbside pick up at The Paint Spot . Be save everyone. Please reduce your travel and limit the amount of people you see this holiday season.

Update Saturday, September 20

The Paint Spot is open for limited in-person shopping. You must wear a mask at all times and use hand sanitizer upon entry. Please limit your time in the store to 15 minutes, try to touch only what you are going to purchase. Only 2 people per family (or cohort) are allowed and we limit 5 customers at a time in the store.

Curbside pick-up and delivery is available for online and phone orders. System upgrades means online prices and stock availability are updated to match our store.

Update Sunday, September 19

WE ARE OPEN! 10 of 11 tests have come back negative for COVID 19. Three team members are working in the store today for shopping (with a mask on) and curb-side pick up.

Update Saturday, September 18

Not enough team members have received their negative test results for the store to open. Two are in the shop today pulling and packing orders for pick up and delivery starting Monday.

We cancelled this weekend’s art classes as a further safety precaution. I personally talked to many of our students and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Next week proof of 1x Vaccine will be required to attend an art classes at Artelier Studios . Instructor’s must have proof of 2x vaccine.

The provincial requirement is Proof of 2x Vaccine to attend art classes after October 25

Update Friday, September 17 at 4:00 PM

8/11 tests have come back negative, so far. But we do not have enough staff to open completely on Saturday. Online orders will still be processed and packed for shipping. Curbside pick-up may be possibly on Sunday. We know supplies are urgently required for classes. Leave notes in the comment section of your order. We will do our best to keep up.

Art Classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are postponed. Hopefully we will have figured out the new provincial policies and figure out our “Art Class Policy Under the Exemption From Restriction Program Requiring Proof of Vaccines” (working title).

Sanitizing crew came through this morning. Everything has been disinfected. However, rare dust bunnies still exist.

Update Thursday, September 16 at 12:00 PM

So far three rapid tests have returned negative. Almost everyone else has full tests scheduled for today or tomorrow.

Jani King is coming tomorrow morning. They provided a prompt reply and thorough quote. If you would like read more about the process of cleaning I will keep a print out available for staff and customers. Also want to say Jani King has politely solicited my business, in person, for years so they already knew my layout and square footage. It saves time to deal locally. I am happy to recommend them.

Effective today: Wednesday, September 15 at 6:00 PM


We are sad to report, one of our Paint Spot team tested positive for a variant of Covid 19. This person worked primarily in the back and had limited contact with our customers and no contact at Artelier Studios.

Our employees follow guidelines to minimize the risk.

  1. Stay home as soon as you feel sick, get tested and wait results.
  2. Do not return to work until a doctor provides a note saying it is safe to do so.
  3. Our remaining team will get their COVID tests. Some are getting rapid-tested, and others are getting fully tested.
  4. We have contacted a cleaning company for a deep cleaning, fogging and sanitation service of retail space, gallery, shipping department, and stock room. We will also clean Artelier Studios. 

We will open once we know the health of our employees. If tests come back negative then, we may open again Saturday, September 18. If any other members have a positive result, then we will close for 14 days and not open again until September 29.

Shipments and online orders will be processed more slowly, since only one may work in the store alone. Two of us can work remotely. We may reopen with a small crew for shipping and curbside pick-up only.

Art Classes are cancelled immediately by the new emergency restrictions outline by the provincial government. Currently, refunds will be handled via gift card.

This news is devastating for small company. We are a close-knit team. We are hopeful that our teammate continues to have only minor symptoms and may recovery quickly.

The Paint Spot follows strict Covid protocols and did not waiver during the summer easement of restrictions. We wore masks and our customers wore masks. Everyone used hand sanitizer liberally and cleaned surfaces regularly. Plexi-barriers were installed at the till, and we invested in air purification as an extra precaution.

We appreciate and trust our friends, family, and customers will stay positive during this interruption of our service. We hope for a speedy return.

Be kind to each other. Get vaccinated. Follow the new restrictions.

Kim Fjordbotten, owner

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