Super5 Waterproof Fountain Pen


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Super5 Waterproof Fountain Pens

The SUPER5 Waterproof Fountain Pen is created for use with waterproof ink. It is ideally suited for contour, line drawings which later could be colored with watercolors. The permanent, waterproof ink will not smudge or dilute.

Is a SUPER5 Waterproof Fountain Pen for you?

Do you want to draw with both ink and watercolor or gouache together?
Is your ink as light-fast as watercolors?
Have you found an ink that is pH-adjusted that won’t react with or damage fine paper?

Then the SUPER5 Fountain Pen is for you!

The Super5’s stiff pen nib design makes it suitable for both fine and bold sketching. The barrel and cap are made of practical plastic, while the grip and clip are painted metal, for precision and strength. In addition to the exceptional nib, the ink feed system is designed to flow without skipping or blotting. This is a device for everyone that loves precise writing. Suitable for age 6 years and up.

Choose your pen colour and point size:

  • 0.5 mm SUPER 5 nib allows the creation of a precise and yet individual writing style.
  • 0.7 mm SUPER5 nib is broader and can be used in every situation. The nib renders a clear and nice calligraphic writing.
  • M SUPER5 usually draws a fixed line width by an iridium point of 1 mm at the nib. By pressing the nib, the line width can be varied a little.

These pens are designed to work with Super5 Ink Cartridges as well as Super5 Ink Bottles with a Super5 Ink Converter which is sold separately.

We strongly recommend cleaning Super5 fountain pens following each use of waterproof SUPER5 iNK. Rinse with water or cleaner thoroughly. For dried up writing implements or cleaning on a regular basis, use SUPER5 Cleaner – Ink Cleaner Concentrate for best results. For dried fountain pens, we take no responsibility.

Super5 waterproof fountain pens

Additional information

Super5 Fountain Pens

Black 05, Black 07, Black M, Orange 05, Orange 07, Orange M, Transparent 05, Transparent 07, Transparent M, White 05, White 07, White M

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