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Pilot Parallel Pens


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Major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design! A unique parallel plate structure achieves a more beautiful and sharper handwriting than existing calligraphy pens. It is easy for beginners and a joy for experience calligraphers. The ink refills offer mixable colours simply touch the nibs of two Parallel Pens together to create beautiful colour graduations. Highly recommended by the Edmonton Calligraphy Society.

Here’s a link to a great video demonstration. The intro is long but wait until mid way for fast action demonstration of beautiful calligraphy using all four sizes. Pilot Parallel Pen Test

Sizes are:

  • Red Cap 1.5 mm nib width
  • Orange Cap 2.4 mm nib width
  • Green Cap 3.8 mm nib width
  • Blue Cap 6.0 mm nib width

Refillable with Parallel refill-single colour (boxes of 6 ea.) or assorted box of 12 assorted colours.



Additional information

Parallel Pen Sizes

Blue Cap 6 mm Nib, Green Cap 3.9 mm, Orange Cap 2.4 mm, Red Cap 1.5 mm

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