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This is the standard type of the Handwritmic Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen for students and calligraphers who want to have a reliable pen with extraordinary effects on expressive calligraphy. Stainless steel ruling pen with opaque black handle. With package designed by Chiara Riva.

Of course, writing with this tool means it is impossible to use the normal angles (from 0° to 90°) that are applied to formal calligraphy. New techniques must be explored, with different directions and angles (even opposite angles) and various arm movements. Don’t underestimate the speed nor the variations in pressure! This is the perfect tool for expressive or even wild calligraphy. Splatters will occur quite naturally but they can also be induced by quick strokes from bottom to top (pushing instead of pulling the pen) or by slow and heavy movements or by writing on rough paper.

Four functions: bold, medium and thin strokes for calligraphy and many lines of different thicknesses for rules and borders.

  • Unlike other instruments on the market, the Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen is not made of brass but of stainless steel and the metal point is attached to the handle without the use of epoxy resins.
  • Each pen is hand finished by a craftsman to give you the smoothest writing edge.
  • It is produced with several finishes using the craft techniques of highly skilled Italian jewellers.
  • The steel unpolished Ruling pen offers the best technical solution at an affordable price.
  • The gold plated and polished shining ruling pen (special de luxe editions) are also beautiful and elegant objects for collectors and pen lovers.
  • With the two luxury ruling pens our clients receive a textile handmade case to protect the pen and an extra screw, knob and ring as spare parts.
  • The new special Ruling pens have beautiful hard wood handles of different colours and wood grains and are sold in a useful aluminium case.
  • The pen is light and comfortable to hold thanks to the double grip area.
  • The handles are made of wood FSC certified and the paints are natural, we don’t use epoxidic varnish.
  • The dots that circle the screw are reference points for opening or closing the pen.
  • The screw is designed in such a way that it won’t fall down when you wash the pen.
  • You can write on on any paper or substrate and use almost any ink (although the more liquid varieties are preferable).
  • You can obtain more splatters on a rough paper than on a smooth surface.
  • You can write in vertical, try it straight on the wall (the edge of the pen won’t wear out since it is not soft brass but harder stainless steel).
  • All components of the Brody Neuenschwander Ruling pen are designed and made in Italy.

Fine line produced by the point (the pen is held more upright).

Maximum stroke produced by the wider edge.

Intermediate stroke produced by the smaller edge.


Fine line produced by the point (the pen is held more upright).

The screw is used to vary the gap between the two metal blades, and thereby reduce or increase the width of the thin lines when the pen is hold vertically. Remember that it’s original function was that of ruling lines of different thicknesses with Indian ink or gouache for making technical drawings or borders.

The pen can produce many lines from 0.5 to 2 mm.

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