Super5 Waterproof Ink Cartridges


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Super5 Waterproof Ink Cartridges

Super5 Waterproof Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges are the perfect companion to your SUPER5 Fountain Pen or  Super5 Rollerball Pen. Each pack of ink cartridges

SUPER5 iNK should be used with the SUPER5 fountain pen. These permanent, waterproof inks are appropriate for writing, drawing and following non-traditional ideas. This ink should be absolutely waterproof on paper. SUPER5 iNK stays wet a long time, in order to prevent ink from drying out in the pen. This unique waterproof fountain pen ink is ideally suited for contour outlines, cross-hatching and writing to be colored with watercolours.

However, we recommend to rinse with water through the fountain pen following each use of the SUPER5 iNK. For dried fountain pen we take no responsibility. For dried up writing implements or cleaning on regular basis please use SUPER5 Cleaner – Ink Cleaner Concentrate.

It is the perfect companion for our SUPER5 Fountain Pen. For the use of the ink in the SUPER5 Fountain Pen you need the Super5 ink converter.

SUPER5 iNK waterproof ink is available in ink cartridges or bottles.


Dublin (Green), Delhi (Orange), Darmstadt (Black), Australia (Red), Atlantic (Blue),  Frankfurt (Grey)

Waterproof Ink Cartridges

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Super5 Ink

Atlantic (Blue), Australia (Red), Darmstadt (Black), Delhi (Orange), Dublin (Green), Frankfurt (Grey)

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