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Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh are just a few of the artists that have used walnut ink in their drawings!

With Tom Norton’s Walnut Drawing Ink® you will experience the richness of color and superior rendering capablilites loved by the world’s most famous artists. Our ink is intensely pigmented, water soluble and creates beautiful warm browns. Outstanding performance with watercolor techniques such as layering to darken tones or adding water for light washes. You can also use a wet brush to lift color.

Walnut Drawing Ink
Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink® owes it’s reputation for supreme quality to it’s unique formula which uses premium imported pigment. Experience the unique characteristics and beauty of the ink used by the Old Masters without the acidic qualities of the old formula that fades, is highly acidic and damages paper over time. Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink®  is extremely lightfast.

NEW! Darkening Medium
Tom Norton’s Darkening Medium® is not an ink but an additive to be used to darken the original ink when a drawing needs that extra “punch”. Some artists will add black india ink to darken the color of Walnut Ink. This will work but you will sacrifice the unique watercolor characteristics of the ink and lose the ability to lift color or lighten areas.

The Darkening Medium® is very heavily pigmented and made with the same binder as the original so it can be added or mixed with Tom Norton’s Original Ink® without changing its working properties. It can also be used straight from the bottle. However, it is so heavily pigmented it will behave more like a Sumi ink and stain the paper and not lift as easily as the original.

Is Tom Norton Walnut Drawing Ink Made From Real Walnuts?

No, the ink is not made from walnuts. The ink is walnut colored made from premium light fast pigments that will not fade over time. The ink is also acid free.  Genuine walnut ink is highly acidic and actually eats the paper over time. The drawings of the Great Masters were made with genuine walnut ink which was black when it was freshly made over time it faded to the beautiful sepia tones that they are now. Our Walnut colored ink replicates these sepia tones. Our ink is water-based allowing you to achieve darker tones with layering techniques or lifting to lighten

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Wanlut Ink

290 ml Walnut Ink, 42 ml Darkening Medium, 70 ml Walnut Ink

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