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Fine artists’ watercolours
  • 12 multiple liquid-poured colours with high lightfastness in half pans.
  • Fully reusable, even when dried on a palette
  • Includes 12 half pans, in a metal case with fold out palette.

The basic range of AKADEMIE® Aquarell includes colours designed for students, with highly concentrated watercolours (mostly 4 and 5 star lightfastness). High-quality artists’ pigments and an optimum binder combination (natural gum arabic) guarantee brilliant mixtures and good applicability, even on softer watercolour papers.

AKADEMIE® Aquarell colours can be mixed and combined with HORADAM® watercolours as well as all Schmincke AQUA mediums.

This set includes the standard 12 colour selection: ½ pans in a full sized metal box, with room for 12 more. The selected colours include: Lemon Yellow Light, Indian Yellow, Cadmium Red Hue, Carmine Red, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Brilliant Green, Permanent Green, Yellow Ochre, English Red, Sepia and Black.

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