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For adhesion of collage materials in Watercolor

Adhesion promoter for collages with watercolours. Strew or press light materials like textiles, silk paper, pigments or sand into the wet medium. Remains water-soluble like a watercolour. May be used pure or tinted with watercolours.

HINT: the product mixed with AQUA fix (50701) becomes waterproof.

Thinner: Water


  • Stir – if necessary – before use.
  • AQUA collage is ready for use and can be used pure or tinted with watercolours.
  • The product may never be put directly into the pans. Always use a separate palette for mixing!
  • It should be applied with a pallet knife onto the painting ground. Light materials like textiles, silk paper, pigments or sand should be strewed or pressed into the wet medium as soon as possible.
  • Suitable grounds: watercolour papers or grounds prepared with AQUA primer fine or AQUA primer coarse, like canvas, wood or card board.
  • The product is water mixable, but remains water-soluble like a watercolour.
  • Please clean working tools as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from frost.
  • Individual pre-tests are required.

Sizes: 60 ml

Contains: solution of gum arabic

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