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Schmincke Horadam Special Set 74 802 097

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Horadam Finest Artists‘ Watercolours 74 802 097

Big Cardboard set that looks like a giant watercolour pan is sure to impress a watercolour fan. The large cardboard set contains a complete “to-go solution” for watercolour painters and urban sketchers: a compact HORADAM® watercolour metal box with 12 half pans in standard colours, a high-quality da Vinci travel brush in size 3, brush soap and a small sponge, a Hahnemühle watercolour postcard block, a painting apron in bright watercolour design and a correspondingly designed coffee-to-go cup (BPA free), which can also be used as a water container.

The set includes:
Da Vinci Travel brush size # 3,
Da Vinci brush soap in a portable tin
Hahnemuhle watercolour postcard block (10 sheets (10,5 x 14,8 cm),
Sea Sponge
Schmincke Apron
Schmincke Coffee Mug (BPA free).

12 x 1/2 pans HORADAM® AQUARELL Colours in the popular compact german-made metal box.

Colours include.
215 – lemon yellow
217 – quinacridone gold hue
341 – geranium red
353 – permanent carmine
782 – neutral tint
495 – ultramarine violet
494 – ultramarine finest
484 – pthalo blue
524 – may green
784 – perylene green
663 – sepia brown

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