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Horadam Semi-Precious Watercolours 5ml 3/Set Special Edition,

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Painting with colours which have already been used in ancient times is surely a unique experience for painters. After a long research period, three colours have been created: Lapislazuli, Red Opalite and Green Porphyry. With the limited special edition “Semiprecious stones” Schmincke has created three new watercolours which have never been before available. Due to their uniqueness, they are an absolute must have for enthusiasts and professionals, and with their natural coloristic perfectly suited for landscape and nature painting.

We are selling these in a sets. So you can get all three colours at an amazing savings!

Red Opalite (14 803) As a semiprecious stone, excavated in Arizona (U.S.), opalite is the pre-stage of the gem stone opal. As a watercolour, it is a light, warm red-brown with semi-opaque character.

Lapislazuli (14 804) The Lapislazuli from Chile has been milled in a very time-consuming and expensive process to a very fine pigment. The semiprecious stone, one of the oldest gems and pigment stones, has, processed to a watercolour, a dark grey-blue, dull and semi-opaque character.

Green Porphyry (14 805) This semiprecious stone from the Côte d’Azur (France) belongs to the green earth stones and ever since has been used rather for the pigment production than as a gem stone. As a watercolour, it is an olive dull colour with a semi-opaque character as well.

Due to their stony origin, all three colours are extremely lightfast (5 stars), slightly granulating and in their colour impression more subdued than colours with a chemical origin. The limited special edition “HORADAM® Semiprecious watercolours” is available only in 5 ml tubes while supplies last. Note: the manufacturer is already sold out of Lapis Lazuli.

They are non-staining and easily lifted for highlights and reductive painting.

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