Schmincke Horadam Gouache Limited Edition Colours

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Schmicnke HORADAM GOUACHE Limited Edition Colors

Special Limited Edition Horadam Finest artists’ Gouache shades in 15 ml tubes.

The highest concentration of pigments guarantees luminosity and depth of all colors. HORADAM® GOUACHE can be used directly from the tube or thinned with water. It can be mixed and combined with all other series of Schmincke gouache. The colors dry to a matt surface and therefore take on a slightly lighter colour.

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Due to frequent requests from our artists, the Schmincke laboratory has now developed three best-selling HORADAM® AQUARELL colors also for HORADAM GOUACHE: Silver, Gold and Cobalt Turquoise*.

These three special edition colors are highly lightfast, fully opaque colors of the finest quality. They harmonize perfectly with each other in terms of colour and can be combined and mixed with all gouache and watercolor paints. They are available individually in 15 ml tubes while stock lasts.

Limited Edition Colors:

  • Silver: an opaque, highly lightfast elegant silver.
  • Gold: an opaque, highly lightfast and finely shimmering gold.
  • Cobalt Turquoise ** SOLD OUT

Horadam Gouache GoldSchmincke Silver

The application possibilities of HORADAM® GOUACHE are extremely versatile. Although it can be heavily diluted, gouache is mainly intended to provide opaque application of colour. Opaque, in this case, means that it is not impasto, because impasto application tends to produce cracking, unless the percentage of binder is increased by adding gum arabic. While watercolor painting work goes from light to dark (the white paper is the light), in gouache painting, any process can be used. While “back painting” of lights is limited in watercolor painting, when working in gouache (and other opaque colors), light values and lights can be added later using colors. Students understand very quickly that gouache colors dry more brightly and therefore find the appropriate dosage when mixing.

Find out more about Schmincke Horadam Gouache here.


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