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Stoneground Genuine Lapis Lazuli Watercolour

One of the most famous blue stones in art, Lapis Lazuli has been famously used as an ornamental stone, for jewelry, personal adornment, and pigment for over 6000 years. Prohibitively expensive, coveted by royalty, and used in some of the most famous paintings on earth, Lapis Lazuli’s famous blue hue was finally made into the much more affordable Ultramarine Blue pigment so popular among artists today.

Paint Maker’s Notes: Stoneground Lapis Lazuli pigment is ethically sourced from Afghanistan. It is a combination of fine and coarse lazurite particles (lazurite being the main component giving the stone its famous celestial blue colouring).

genuine Lapis Lazuli


  • Transparency: Semi-Transparent
  • Staining: Semi-Staining
  • Granularity: Granular
  • Pigment Number: PB 29
  • Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic
  • Pigment Composition: Sodium sulfide aluminosilicate
  • Lightfastness: I
  • Toxicity: Non toxic

Of Further Note: Italian Renaissance painter Cennino Cennini wrote in Il libro dell’arte that Lapis Lazuli was ‘illustrious, beautiful and most perfect, beyond all other colours. One could not say anything about it, or do anything with it, that its quality would not surpass’.

genuine lapis lazuli

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About Stoneground Paint Co.

Stoneground crafts their paint by combining finely ground pigments with a binder made from water, gum arabic, and honey. Watercolour paint is an artist’s medium noted for its transparency and the wide range of effects which can be achieved with its use. A range of pigments are used in the creation of their handmade paint. These single pigment colours offer watercolour artists an array of vibrant colours to choose from.

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