GD004 Cadmium Yellow Dark Golden Acrylic


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Filling in the deepest, more orange end of GOLDEN’s Cadmium Yellow family, this paint offers the opacity and intensity you expect from Cadmium colors.          

Pigment Classification : Synthetic Inorganic

Color Index Name : PY 35
Chemical Description : Cadmium Zinc Sulfide (CC)
Opacity/Transparency : 3
Lightfastness Rating : I
Permanency : Not for exterior use
Hue 9.0 YR
Value 7.75
Chroma 16.5
Gloss Average : 68.02
Viscosity Range : 23000-27000 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values : L*78.08 a*26.94 b*85.98
Tint Strength : 91.01

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