GAM080 Fast Matte Titanium White


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Gamblin Artist Oil Fast Matte Titanium White

Gamblin Artist Oil Fast Matte Titanium White is formulated to dry considerably faster than traditional oil colors. Using FastMatte Titanium White with traditional oil colors will speed the drying of mixtures and make them dry more matte. This is the fastest-drying oil color Gamblin makes. It dries within 24 hours on average to an elegant, matte surface ideal for grabbing subsequent paint layers. The fast drying rate means painters can stay in the flow of their painting session longer with layering and mark-making possibilities beyond traditional oil colors.


The texture of Fast Matte Titanium White occupies a unique space. Its quick setup time means artists can add layers sooner and create broken marks without readily picking-up or mixing into the wet paint layer below. Out of the tube, Fast Matte Titanium White will feel grittier and a little denser than traditional Titanium White. The stiff and grittier texture allows for more broken mark making and defined brushwork – qualities prized by plein air painters.

Drying Time:

Fast Matte Titanium White will dry in 24-hours to the elegant, matte surface preferred by many painters for the underpainting stages. Alkyd resin is used in Fast Matte Titanium White, in addition to a traditional linseed binder. The matte surface gives colors a deep, soft luster and is ideal for grabbing subsequent paint layers.

fastmatte white

Want to learn more about selecting the perfect white oil color? Check out Gamblin’s article Getting the White Right! 


  • 37 ml
  • 150 ml


  • Pigment: Titanium dioxide (PW 6)
  • Vehicle: Alkyd resin, refined linseed oil
  • Lightfastness: I
  • Series: 1
  • Opacity: OPAQUE
  • SDS

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Gamblin Size

150ml, 37ml

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