Kama Microcrystalline Wax


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Kama Pigments Microcrystalline Wax

Kama Microcrystalline wax is a synthetic wax that is more flexible and tacky than the better-known paraffin. It is extremely useful when plasticity is needed. This wax is found in modeling or wood finishing waxes, cosmetic products and certain artists materials.

Applications of microcrystalline wax include: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, protection of plants, fruits, cheeses, and vegetables; food packaging, textiles, paper, fiberboard, wood, potting compounds for condensers, floor polishes, furniture, skis, leather, rust prevention, rubber, printing inks, lubricants, artists materials, modeling waxes and in conservation and restoration.

These waxes are non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin and eyes. They are compatible with mineral waxes, vegetable waxes and oils, esters, and all of their oils.

Kama Microcrystaline Wax #7:

Block Sizes:

  • 113 g
  • 227 g
  • 454 g


  • Melting point ºC: (KAMA CI-MC0010): 80
  • Acid value (USP 401): < 1
  • Saponification value (USP 401):
  • Color (saybolt): approximately 30
  • Penetration (ASTM D1321): 27

All values given in the International System of Units (SI), unless otherwise noted.

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Additional information

Size Grams

227g, 113g, 454g

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