Electric Kistka Holder for 1 Kistka


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Electric Kistka Holder for 1 Kistka

Holder for single electric kistka or for interchangeable electric kistka. Has sturdy stainless steel construction with rubber feet to keep the holder in place, and to protect the table. Kistka sold separately.

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About Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Pysanky are traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs which are decorated using dye that is applied in layers. Melted beeswax is applied as a resist using kisty tools to create beautiful, colorful and intricate patterns.

The art of decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs has been handed down in the Ukraine for generations. Ukrainians are famous for their beautiful, intricate, and colorful Pysanky. More than 2000 years ago, eggs were decorated by people who believed that an egg embodied special powers. Eggs symbolized the release of the earth from winter and the promise of new hope, life and prosperity of spring. After Christ, Easter eggs began to symbolize the Resurrection and the promise of eternal life. Legend says that as long as pysanky are decorated, good will win over evil.

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