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  • Liquid gouache, ready to use
  • Containing at least 87% raw materials of natural origin
  • Vivid and luminous colors even after drying
  • Opaque and intermixable colors
  • Easy cleaning of hands and tools with soapy water
  • For children aged 3 and over under adult supervision

Dries in 10-30 minutes depending on the thickness, the support, the temperature and humidity.

To be used pure or diluted, it can be applied to paper, cardboard, wood, salt dough, etc. using brushes, stamps and foam rollers.

Pebeo Primacolor Liquid Gouache is easy to clean with soap and water. Washing with water will remove 100% of the binder (dextrins: sugar polymers) which is water soluble. However, the pigments present in the gouache can have variable affinities according to the supports (textile fibers, etc.). These dyestuffs can therefore bind to the fabric almost definitively. In the event of stains on textiles, immediately wash the linen in hot water with soap. Repeat the operation if necessary until the stain has completely disappeared. For more severe stains, using bleach-based or active oxygen-based textile stain removers may be of interest, provided that their use is compatible with the garment in question. It is also recommended to use protective aprons during child labor. Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, untreated wood and other materials that cannot be washed.

PRIMACOLOR DISCOVERY KIT 6 TUBES 20 ML includes 6 colors of liquid gouache, ready to use, with a matte finish. 6 x 20 ml tubes: white, primary yellow, primary red, primary blue, spring green, dark brown.

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12 x 20ml, 6 x 20ml

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