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Speedball LED UV Lamp for Exposure – No more broken bulbs!

Light-weight, portable and easy to use, this Speedball LED UV Lamp offers users the same exposure time for Diazo Photo Emulsion screens as a traditional 250W photo flood bulb but with a dramatically longer bulb life. It features an on/off switch and 180- degree swivel bracket that can be mounted for hands-free use.

LED UV Lamp Details:

  • 30 watt LED UV Exposure Light
  • 395 – 400 nm UV light.
  • Voltage: 85 – 265 V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz

For use with Photo emulsion screen printing, sun printing, cyanotype, Jacquard Solarfast, as well as other light-sensitive mediums.

Exposing your image:

Set a timer corresponding to the suggested exposure times and turn on your UV Exposure Light. These exposure times are based on use with Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion. Different photo sensitive media, such as Cyanotype or Solarfast, may require different exposure times. Use the chart below as a reference point.

Diazo Exposure Chart:

Frame Size:              Light Height:                Exposure Time:

8 x 10″                       16″                                    7 min

10 x 14″                      16″                                   8 min

12 x 18″                      18″                                   10 min

16 x 20″                      20″                                  12 min

Speedball Speed Screen Exposure Chart:

Speed Screen:          Light Height:                Exposure Time:

10 x 12″                      14″                                   1 min

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