Akua Pin Press 20″


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The Akua Pin Press is perfect for the monotype printmaker who needs a portable and affordable press. Monotype printmakers may not need the use of a heavy etching press, especially with Akua inks. The Akua PinPress offers high performance at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you are no longer tied to your studio. The PinPress lets you create monotypes at home, in the classroom, or on the road.

The PinPress was designed specifically for monotype printmaking. The roller is precisely machined to an incredibly even and smooth surface for uniform contact between the roller, paper and plate. Durable all metal construction made of aluminum and brass bushings insures long lasting, trouble-free printing.


Built in Stand:

The crescent shaped handles swivel and act as a stand when not in use. This prevents the PinPress from rolling off the table by allowing it to be put down without the surface of the roller touching the table.

Easy to Use: Rest the palm of your hands on the flat side of the crescent shaped handles when printing.



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