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Speedball Gel Plates offer ease-of-use for spontaneous creativity for monoprinting. Print, paint, and stamp your way to creativity and fun! Create Beautiful, One-Of-A-Kind Prints For A Variety Of Projects With Gel Printing Plates.

Speedball Gel Printing Plates are designed to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints for a wide variety of projects. Whether you’re a beginner, crafter or fine artist, monoprinting with Speedball Gel Printing Plates can add the most spontaneous and wonderful marks to any project.

These plates don’t need to be cleaned in between painting and re-working, but if needed they clean up easily with soap and water, and come in packaging designed for easy and safe storage between usage.

These plates features a lower profile than competitors’ plates, which allows for greater detail. The thin profile also allows for convenient storage, especially in combination with the specially designed packaging that neatly stores your plates between uses. Speedball Gel Printing Plates work great with Speedball Block Printing, Screen Printing and Akua inks, as well as acrylic or oil paints and dies. Plates clean up easily with soap and water.

Key Features:Thin profile for higher detailEasy cleanupConvenient storage

Perfect For:Beginning artists, crafters and fine artistsSpontaneous printing projectsTraveling artists, educators, students

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Speedball Gel Plate

12×12" Single, 5×5” Pack of 10, 5×5” Single, 5×7” Pack of 10, 5×7” Single, 8×10” Pack of 10, 8×10” Single

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