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Akua Release Agent 8 oz

A multi-purpose modifier with a soft, buttery consistency, Akua Release Agent aids in transferring brushwork with Akua Liquid Pigment from the plate to paper when hand-printing monotypes. It can also be rolled over the plate to transfer remaining ink for ghost printing. Because metallic inks unique in the Akua Intaglio Ink line are more flake than pigment, the release agent is an ideal modifier to ensure that metallics transfer from plate to paper with no sticking.

Akua Release Agent has three purposes:

1) It is used for making ghost prints. A ghost print is the second print from a monotype plate that has been inked only one time. It is a lighter version of the same image. By rolling Release Agent over the plate, it helps to transfer the remaining ink off the plate and onto another sheet of paper.

2) Release Agent helps soften Akua metallic ink so it can easily transfer off the plate and onto the paper. Roll Akua Release Agent over the metallic ink that was applied to the plate.

3) It is required to release Akua Liquid Pigment brushwork from plate to paper when hand-printing monotypes with the Pin Press.

Release Agent looks white in the jar but rolls out clear and colorless. It has a soft, buttery consistency and cleans up with liquid dish detergent.

Instructions: For a ghost print, roll Release Agent on top of ghost plate. Wait five minutes and then print. For Metallic inks, roll Release Agent over metallic that is already on plate. Wait five minutes and print.

Cleans up easily with soap and water, Enhances vibrancy and appearance of inks, Allow to sit for 3 – 5 minutes for desired results.

More About Akua

Water-based Ink for Intaglio & Relief: Akua Intaglio Inks are a printmaker’s dream come true. Originally formulated for intaglio printmaking, you can also apply this ink with a brayer for relief printmaking and monotype, as well as collagraphs. Additionally, it will print from any plastic, wood, linoleum or metal plate. These inks contain no driers, offering a long working time for monotype or wiping the plate.


Made with Soy and Light fast Pigments
Akua Intaglio is a soy based ink made with the same high quality lightfast pigments as Akua Liquid Pigment. It has a thick consistency with minimal water content.

Clean up with soap and water
Akua Intaglio ink cleans up easily with a dry rag, followed by soap and water. You can even use inexpensive liquid dish detergent. Never use toxic solvents again!

You can re-soak Akua prints immediately after printing, if handled carefully. Once the print is dry, Akua Intaglio is permanent.

Never Skins or Hardens in the Jar
Akua Ink will neither skin over, nor harden in the jar or on the ink slab, so no ink is wasted.

Easy to Use
Wiping the plate with Akua Intaglio is easier than wiping oil-based ink. For best results, use this Akua Wiping Fabric.

Excellent Results
Wipes nice and clean while the paper picks up the ink efficiently.

Option To Print on Damp or Dry Paper
Print on dry or damp paper. Plates with greater tonal value, deeply bitten or raised surfaces require dampened paper. However, it may not be necessary to dampen paper for shallow bitten plates with high contrast images. Monotypes print best on dry smooth paper.

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