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Kama Aqua-Dispersion is a concentrated, artist grade aqueous (water based) pigment dispersions. These products are chemically pure and do not contain additives. Use them to make your own artist paint by combining them with the appropriate water based binder such as gum arabic for watercolors. This Kama aqua-dispersion set includes 10 water based colors in a wooden box. Made in Canada.

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Kama Pigments aqua dispersions are highly concentrated preparations of finely dispersed pigments in an aqueous (water based) solution.

These pigment dispersions are made from the same high quality pigments sold in powder form and used in the making of artist paints. Although dispersed pigments have been used in the industry for years, only recently have artists been able to take advantage of all of the benefits they offer. Indeed, these pigments allow you to make a wide variety of paints quickly and easily.

Not only do they save you on the cost of your materials, but they are also very versatile as they are compatible with any water based binder such as watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylic paint, inks, paint for textiles, and more. Using a very small quantity of these pigment preparations, you can create your custom colors, in the desired quantity by simply mixing them with the binder of your choice.

Compatible binders include: gum arabic, acrylic binders, epoxy resinslatex paint, water based shellac solutions, and even concrete. *Not compatible with oil based products*

This Kama aqua-dispersion set includes 1 each 15ml bottle of the following colors in a Wooden Box:

  • Yellow Ochre Py42
  • Titanium white Pw6
  • Carbon black Pbk7
  • Arylide yellow Medium Py74
  • Diarylide Yellow Py65
  • Phthalocyanine Blue Pb15:3
  • Phthalocyanine Green Pg7
  • Naphthol red Pr170
  • Quinacridone Magenta Pr122
  • Transparent Oxide Red Pr101

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