Stillman and Birn Epsilon Series Sketchbooks


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Stillman and Birn Epsilon Series Sketchbooks

Colour: White
Heavyweight: 150 gsm, Internal and external sized
Surface: Smooth,  internal and external sized
Media: Fine surface for drawing Pen & Ink, Dry Media, Light Wash

Erasability: withstands multiple erasers
Caliper: superior wet and dry strength 235 (min) 245 (max) micro
Tooth: Finely calendared smooth surface
Sheffield Roughness Metric: 140 SU
Formation: Highly uniform fibre distribution provides surface strength and consistency

Archival Quality
Alpha cellulose content .87%
Neutral pH, chlorine and lignin free

62 Sheets – 124 Pages
*A4 size

50 Sheets – 100 Pages

46 Sheets – 92 Pages
5.5×3.5 *
8.5×5.5″ *
* Indicates Landscape

Individual Sheets, Large Format






Why do artists need Stillman & Birn premium quality sketchbooks when there are many less expensive alternatives available?

Artists are using their sketchbooks in ever more challenging and inventive ways. As the sketchbook has evolved, many artists use their sketchbook as an art journal for finished artwork, utilizing a variety of dry and wet media. This type of artwork demands robust, high-performance art paper. And that’s why today, more than ever, paper quality matters so much to the sketchbook artist.

Stillman & Birn stands out in the crowded sketchbook market, offering a unique collection of archival quality, premium sketchbooks designed to work with many different kinds of media. Only Stillman & Birn offers a sketchbook system, allowing the artist to choose the paper weight, shade and surface type to suit their specific techniques. All of our papers have both internal and surface sizing, providing exceptional wet strength. All of our papers are true art papers that withstand multiple erasures and are suitable for precision work.

Because of the robust quality of our papers, we believe that our sketchbooks inspire creativity: artists can feel confident to experiment with new ideas and materials because our papers support the most demanding techniques on paper.

View this PDF of images to help you choose the book right for you!

Stillman & Birn is a brand associated with the art materials industry in the United States for decades. The original company was founded in 1958 by Philip Birn (1911 – 2004). Birn was a highly admired Viennese bookbinder, who brought his “old world” craftsmanship to a small plant in the SoHo section of Manhattan. SoHo is now filled with trendy shops, restaurants and residential lofts, but in the 1950’s SoHo was a center of light industry. From his plant at 270 Lafayette Street, Philip Birn pioneered the concept of the black hardbound sketchbook. The management team of the new Stillman & Birn organization follows its founder’s commitment to uncompromising quality and to developing new sketchbook forms that respond to the changing needs of artists.

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Stillman & Birn

HC 5.5×8.5", HC A4 8.25×11.75", Soft 3.5×5.5 Portrait, Soft 5.5×3.5 Landscape, Soft 5.5×8.5" Portrait, Soft 8.5×5.5" Landscape, Soft 8×10", Wire 6×8", Wire 7×10" Portrait, Wire 9×12"

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