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This pack consists of 4 gridded transparencies for use with light boxes, light tables,and ipads. Old school overhead projectors will help project these lines for mural artists.

It may also helpful for a student or artist to hold up the film and look through (with one eye) it to better judge perspective in a room, landscape or urban design. The durable plastic may be laid over a photograph on a computer screen, ipad or tablet. Outlines may be traced upon the plastic using a dry erase marker. Then placed the film under paper on a light table or bright window for tracing. When done, gently erase the dry erase marker and use the sheet over and over again.

The grids included are:
1-point ROOM GRID
2-point perspective
3-point perspective22.45
5-point perspective SPHERE GRID

Sheet size is 8.5″ x 11″; 0.3mm clear PVC film.

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