Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well

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The Masterson Rinse Well – A Refreshing Alternative for Artists

Masterson has created the perfect solution to clean fresh water right at your painting station. With the Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well, you can have fresh water at your fingertips without the clutter and inconvenience of multiple rinse containers or constant trips to the sink. That means you’re free to concentrate on your work instead of worrying about your supplies. It is also perfect for use in a studio without a water supply close by. Take it to class and avoid the line ups to change water.

The Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well provides a total rinsing system, with a ridged well for thorough brush cleaning. The Rinse Well consists of a plastic bottle that holds 28 ounces of fresh water, a durable plastic base with a well in the center for brush cleaning and a reservoir to hold the used water. Simply pressing the button at the front of the Rinse Well drains the used water into the storage base and automatically refills the well with a clean supply. It eliminates the mess of multiple containers, and automatically flushes dirty water at the touch of a button.

Just fill the water bottle, set it on the base and you’re ready to paint. You will have fresh rinse water at the touch of a button. Clean colour mixing will become so easy. That means you can concentrate on your painting not your supplies. Cleaning your brushes while you paint is fun and you will be less inclined to put it off.  Your brushes will last longer and perform better.  It is a small investment.

Rinse Well Instructions:

  1. Fill the 28 oz bottle with fresh, clean water. 
  2. Carefully turn the bottle upside-down into the receiver ring on the Fresh Water Rinse Well basin. The water should immediately begin to fill the well. (If the water does not flow freely at first, squeeze the bottle gently to release any air bubbles).
  3. When the well is full, the water flow will automatically stop. You are ready to begin.
  4. When you need to clean a brush, dip it in the water. Scrub against the bumpy ridges in the well to help remove stubborn paint from the brush.
  5. To replenish water and drain waste water, simply depress the blue button until the well is empty. When you release the button, the well will refill with fresh water from the bottle. 
  6. When the water bottle is empty and the waste reservoir is full, remove the basin lid, dispose of the waste water, repeat steps as needed.

Whether you use watercolors or acrylic paints, do photo retouching or crafts, the Fresh Water Rinse Well gives you more time and space to work. The Fresh Water Rinse Well puts fresh water at your fingertips so you’re free to paint. And that’s a refreshing alternative.

Please note:

paint waterIt is not recommended to dispose of dirty paint water down city drains. It may clog your drain and who wants paint sludge in our water supply. Rather, collect your used water in a bucket and let it evaporate. You can also pour it outside on the lawn because small amounts of acrylic or watercolor will not harm the grass.  We pour used water from our workshops onto the pavement behind our store. The colour may stay for a while, but the water will evaporate. 

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