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STA-WET Palette Paper and Sponge Refills

The sponge and special permeable acrylic palette paper can be dampened to provide paint a constant source of moisture. Just soak the palette paper and sponge in water until each is fully saturated. Place sponge in tray and lay paper on it; wipe off excess water and dispense your paints on the wet palette paper. The paints will absorb moisture as needed without changing the consistency or color value. Paint can be safely mixed on the surface without tearing the palette paper. When the palette is closed, paint will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Masterson palettes can be used with oil paints by removing the sponge.

To avoid mold growing in this humid environment, use distilled water and avoid exposing palette to situations where it may get overly warm like a bright sunroom table or in a hot car. It is important to thoroughly wash your sponge periodically. Paint stains do not matter – just keep it mold-free.

Sponge Refills 3 per pack

STA-WET Handy Palette Sponge Refills: 7″ x 8-1/2″

STA-WET Super Pro Sponge Refills: 10″ x 14.5″

STA-WET Premier Palette Sponge Refills:  12″ x 16″

Palette Paper Refills 30 sheets

STA-WET Handy Palette  Refills: 7″ x 8-1/2″

STA-WET Super Pro Refills: 10″ x 14.5″

STA-WET Premier Palette  Refills:  12″ x 16″

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Masterson Palettes

Handy Palette Paper Refill 30pk, Handy Sponge Refill 3pk, Premier Paper refill 30pk, Premier Sponge 3pk, Super Pro Paper Refill, Super Pro Sponge 3pk

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