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Schmincke Medium W gel is a jelly like (“lean”) medium for mixing oil colours with water instead of organic solvents such as turpentine or turpentine substitute. Increases gloss and transparency, reduces viscosity; harmonizes drying process; odourless. Mix 2 parts of oil colour and 1 part of medium W gel on a palette, than add water like you want; if necessary add more medium W gel. Painting tools can be cleaned with water. There is no change of the product quality based on the colour change of the raw material alkyd resin. Dosage: 50%.

Schmincke Medium W is available in a Gel tube or Fluid medium in a jar

Gel – 35 ml tube, 120 ml Tube

  • Mix one part medium W gel with two parts oil paint on your palette; than add water as desired or more medium as needed.
  • Please clean tools like brushes or palettes as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
  • There is one typical property that medium W gel has in common with commercially available “ready to-use” water-soluble oil paints and many types of acrylic colours. In a yet undried state, oil paints mixed with medium W gel and water undergo a shift in colour, appearing to be somewhat lighter in hue or even “milky”. (Effect depends on the colour shades of the oil paint involved and the amount of water added: The darker the oil paint and the more water is added, the lighter in hue the wet paint film will appear.)
  • Close immediately after use.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Individual pre-tests are required.

Contains: Modified alkyd resin.

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The use of solvents is completely superfluous due to the medium W!

And the big advantage is that the painter can simply continue to use his existing oil paints and only needs 1 medium to change a whole range in the property! Easy to use and perfect in its effect. If required, the medium W, unlike solvents, can also easily be carried in the aircraft.

The medium W is available in 2 versions, adapted to the individual application preferences of the artists. The difference between the two products lies in their consistency: the medium W (50043) is available in liquid form in the glass, while the medium W gel (50143) in a tube has a gel-like consistency. The liquid medium W in the bottle must be shaken well before use. Of course, this is not necessary with the gel.

The application of both products is the same: 2 parts of oil colour are mixed with 1 part of medium W on a pallet. If desired, water can now be added for further dilution. Now you can paint as usual with the oil colours. The medium W increases the gloss and transparency of the oil colour, harmonizes the drying process and is low-odour.

Don’t be surprised: In the undried state, i.e. when mixing and applying paint, the oil paints mixed with medium W and water initially show a colour shift. The mixture becomes slightly “milky”. The effect depends on the colour of the oil colour and the amount of water added. The following applies: the darker the oil colour and the higher the amount of water, the lighter the still wet colour appears. This water-induced effect also occurs with ready-to-use water-miscible oil colours! As soon as the colour dries, the milky veil disappears and the colour shines with the usual intensity and brilliance.

After completion of the work, the second advantage of Medium W becomes apparent: You can simply clean your brushes, spatulas etc. with water and soap. You do not need any solvents to remove the colour residues. Oil painting suddenly becomes odourless and solvent-free with the medium W – whether liquid or gel.

So, if you are thinking about using oil paints but not solvents in the future, we can recommend the medium W. The liquid medium W is available in bottles of 60 ml, 120 ml and 1 liter and as medium W gel in tubes of 35 ml and 120 ml. Both, of course, can be used with all Schmincke oil and resin-oil colours MUSSINI®, Norma® Professional, AKADEMIE® Öl color as well as College® Oil.


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