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Limited Edition Reclaimed Earth Colours Set

We are very happy to introduce the Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colours set. Every speck of pigment in these tubes has been painstakingly reclaimed from waters tainted by iron released from mines.  Order your set now.

Across America’s Rust Belt, abandoned mines are leaching toxins into rivers and streams, turning them shades of dirty red. The colour is disturbing, but for two men, it’s also the tint of inspiration. One is a civil engineer who has begun extracting these toxins from the waters; the other is an artist, who transforms that material into acrylic paint and stunning works of art. This is one promising example of how art and science can collaborate to make our world a better place. Gamblin is the first company to make paint, or any product for that matter, with these pigments. They ignored development costs, set the price low, and are donating over 20% of the sales on the set to support the project. They collaborated with engineer Guy Riefler and artist John Sabraw to develop Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colours. The purchase of this oil paint set supports a hard-working team of teachers and students making the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers healthier ecosystems.  More information.

Tell me more about the colors? Are they safe? Lightfast?

Iron oxides make beautiful, lightfast, and safe colors. Our Reclaimed Colours are as safe as any other iron oxide based colour, such as Mars Black and Venetian Red.

Brown Ochre: Naturally opaque and warm with a golden undertone. Lightfastness II (Very good)

Rust Red: In its transparency, it carries the warm colours of rusty water. From the tube and in mixtures, Gamblin Rust Red is exactly what you’d expect: an earthy red-orange. Lightfastness I (Excellent)

Iron Violet: We’re betting this will be many artists’ favorite Reclaimed color. Meet the first mauve Gamblin has ever made. Straight from the tube, it’s a deep, earthy violet. Add white and it becomes the violet you see in clouds at sunset or dawn. Lightfastness I (Excellent)

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