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Speedball Mona Lisa Simple Leaf

Speedball Mona Lisa Composition Leaf is a transfer-style gilding product. Because this product comes with a wax paper backing, it is easier to handle and apply than traditional gold leaves, yet still delivers the same lustrous results. Ideal for use on flat surfaces, Mona Lisa Simple Leaf is bonded with wax paper and adheres to only the areas to which it is applied directly with adhesive size. This keeps waste and cleanup to a minimum, while maximizing the eye-popping results.

Gold leafing provides decorative items with the epitome of elegance.

All sheets measure 5.5” x 5.5” in size. Available in packs of 18 sheets in Gold, Silver and Copper.

Use this gilding leaf with Mona Lisa Adhesive Size.

Check out our blog about Gold Leafing for great tips on gilding!

This composition leaf is designed to work with flat surfaces. It is bonded with wax paper on the back side. When applied to an area with adhesive sizing, it will adhere to that area only. Excess product will stay on the wax transfer paper. This results in less waste and mess than is commonly associated with the leafing process. 18 sheets, Vibrant, and shimmering surface.

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Copper, Gold, Silver

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