Dux Slow-Set Adhesive Size


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Dux Slow-Set Adhesive Size

Dux Slow-Set Adhesive Size is recommended for gilding projects that will require a longer open time for gilding than Dux Quick-Dry will allow. It will reach proper gilding tack in 10-12 hours and will remain open for gilding with genuine or metal leaf for an equal amount of time. The open time for gilding with metal leaf is usually less, as it is with other oil sizes. Allow to cure for a minimum of one week before sealing. Use Sepp Leaf Metal Leaf for best results.

Dux Slow Set adhesive size is ideal for larger projects when extended time is required. If less tack time is required, you can mix Dux Slow Set with Dux Quick Dry Size to achieve a wide variety of tack times. For example, a 1:1 mixture will reach tack in about 3 hours and remain tacky for about the same time.

Adhesive Size Directions:

Surface preparation is the key to obtaining a good looking and long lasting leafing project. Surfaces must be smooth and free of any dust, oils, and wax as well as fingerprints. If you are applying size over a previously finished object, the surfaces must be cleaned and lightly sanded. We recommend that a small area should be tested to ensure compatibility. Porous surfaces should be filled with a sealer or primer that is compatible with the substrate.

Application of Dux Size:

Dux adhesive size has been formulated to be used at the consistency provided by the manufacturer. If the user feels that thinning is necessary, you may add mineral spirits in small quantities. You can apply size by brush, or a roller as well as spray. Best results are obtained with a thin, even film of around 2 mils of coating thickness. As with any paint or coating, the size should be mixed prior to use. If brushing, any good quality natural bristle brush may be used. The self-leveling properties of the size eliminate the need to over brush the coating. If rolling, use a high quality, short nap roller cover. When spraying, follow the equipment manufacturer recommendations. If the size has lost it tack, it may be re-coated once it fully dries.

Application of Leaf:

Important: Achieving a suitable tack is a critical step in the gilding process, and a lot of leaf can be lost if proper tack is not attained. When the proper tack has been reached, it should not leave fingerprints in the film. Then, carefully lay down leaf over the size and rub lightly with a piece of flannel or cotton. When using imitation gold or silver leaf, a topcoat will prevent tarnishing and preserve the beauty of your project. If you are gliding for the first time, experiment beforehand on a piece of scrap. Check out our blog on Gilding for some great tips! 


  • Coverage is approx. 200 – 250 square feet per gallon
  • Clean up wet size with mineral spirits. Use lacquer thinner on dried material.
  • Size can be used as a sealer and for top coating. This product has the characteristic of yellowing upon aging, giving your project an “antique” look.
  • Size may be tinted with small amounts of oil based colors or universal colorants.
  • Top coating should be done after the size is fully dry (after 24 hours).
  • Ideal application conditions are 65-75° Fahrenheit and 40 to 60 percent relative humidity.

Gold Leaf: Tips for Gilding

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