Platinum Preppy Wa Fountain Pens


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Platinum Pen Preppy Wa Fountain Pens

Limited Edition Preppy Wa Fountain Pens from Platinum Pen. The classic Preppy Pen with a Fine 03 nib, available in 6 colourful, traditional Japanese patterns.

Limited Edition Patterns (top to bottom):

  • #2 Yagauri – Opaque Black barrel with a Gold arrow pattern
  • #7 Hanabishi Kikko – Transparent Navy barrel with Silver Hexagons and Flowers
  • #6 Seigaiha – Transparent Cyan Blue barrel with a traditional, silver Traditional Seigaiha wave pattern
  • #5 Ichimatsu – Transparent Bright Green barrel with black squares
  • #3 Sakura Tatewaku – Transparent Bright Pink barrel with white Sakura flowers and dot wave lines
  • #4 Urokomon – Transparent Yellow barrel with a silver triangle pattern

Preppy Wa

preppy pen fine nib 03


Additional information

Preppy Pen

#2 Yagasuri Black, #3 Sakura Tatewaku Pink, #4 Urokomon Yellow, #5 Ichimatsu Green, #6 Seigaiha Cyan, #7 Hanabishi Kikko Navy

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