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The Big Squeeze ergonomic hand tool is designed to easily and effectively dispense all the product out of your household tubes. It’s intuitive design and heavy duty construction makes getting every drop out of your tubes a cinch and downright fun to use. It’s like squeezing money right back into your wallet.

Does the idea of wasting money drive you crazy? There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you got everything you paid for. Look around your house. You’ll be surprised how many products come in tubes such as cosmetics, moisturizers, medical ointments, adhesives and of course toothpaste. No matter how carefully you squeeze, pinch or roll a tube it’s nearly impossible to get everything out of them. In fact, you can waste up to 25% from these expensive products. You don’t have to accept this constant struggle anymore.

The days of struggling with your tubes are over. No more straining and pinching your tubes. The Big Squeeze is easy to use.  Simply insert a tube in the Big Squeeze. The gears do the work pushing all the contents forward. This means you’re not wasting precious time or product. The end result: More money in your pocket.

The ergonomic handles mean more comfort for you. The 3 1/8″ wide gears mean that the Big Squeeze can handle most if not all the tubes in your household or business.


  • KEEP ON SQUEEZING – Big Squeeze helps you get every last drop out of virtually any tube. Stop wasting expensive paint, cream, dyes, paste and anything that comes out of a tube. Waste less, reduce frustration and save money with this premium tube squeezer tool, Big Squeeze
  • BIG SQUEEZE TO THE RESCUE –  The contents of many tubes cling to the interior walls, meaning you miss out on product that you’ve paid for. Big Squeeze is designed to help your supplies last longer and squeeze money back into your wallet
  • HOME AND BUSINESS USE – This tube crimper is super versatile. It’s the ultimate paint tube squeezer and hair color tube squeezer, but it also works effortlessly with expensive prescription creams / gels, cosmetics, toothpaste, hand cream, sunscreen and food items such as wasabi paste and tomato paste
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – This all-metal tube wringer works with all tubes including, metal, flexible and rigid plastic tubes. Wider than all other tube squeezers, it fits 3.1″ wide tubes. It’s so easy to use and won’t hurt your hands. The rollers glide effortlessly, while holding the tube securely in place
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – It’s designed to last. We take great pride in our products because they’re Made in the USA! If anything goes wrong, we will replace it at no charge. That’s our 100% HASSLE-FREE Guarantee. Buy with confidence


  1. Start with a partially used tube or a new tube. A new tube may need some of the contents emptied manually from the end of the tube for the gears to get started.
  2. Open the handles and insert the tube between the gears.
  3. Pinch the end of the tube with the gears by squeezing the handles.
  4. Slowly turn the crank forward.If the cap of your tube is open, dispense as much as you need.If the cap of your tube is closed, continue turning the crank until the product is squeezed forward and you feel resistance. Stop cranking at this point. Remove tube as use as needed. Note: Plastic tubes can have trapped air inside. You may have to open and press the tube with your fingers until you see the tube contents start to exit the nozzle. At that point, you can close the cap and use the Big Squeeze®.
  5. Remove the tube by opening the handles and use your product. Repeat as needed.Caution: When the gears contact the cone of the tube (see picture), stop turning the hand crank. Some fragile metal tubes may burst if the gears crush the cone of the tube.
  6. Using your thumbs and fingers, squeeze the remaining contents from the cone to get the last bit out of your tube. Now you can smile knowing you got everything you paid for!


Does the Big Squeeze® stay with the tube?

No, the Big Squeeze® does not stay connected to the tube. You use it when your tube is difficult to push out with your fingers or when it looks like it’s empty. You only need one Big Squeeze® in your household or business for all your tubes.

Does the Big Squeeze® get everything out of a tube?

The Big Squeeze® allows the user to push all the contents of the main tube body towards the nozzle. However, when the gears contact the cone of the tube, located behind the tube opening, the Big Squeeze® gears can’t compress the cone on most tubes. You will need to use your fingers to squeeze the remaining product from the cone out of the tube.

Can the Big Squeeze® be washed with soap and water?

Yes, the Big Squeeze® will not rust. It can be washed with soap and water or placed in a dishwasher.

If material is dried onto the gear teeth, you can run a toothpick in between each gear tooth to scrape the material out.

If the material is not dried, wipe the teeth with a paper towel or run a paper towel through the gears like you would a tube.

What is the best practice for using the Big Squeeze® on plastic tubes?

Plastic tubes can trap air, causing difficulty squeezing the contents forward. Remove the air by opening the tube cap first, squeeze with your hands until the contents can be seen in the nozzle, and then put the cap back on. The Big Squeeze® will now push the contents forward rather than compressing the air inside the tube.

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