Speedball’s Print Posse Relief Inks


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Speedball’s Print Posse Relief Ink

The original Speedball Print Posse concept had talented partner artists collaborating with the team at Speedball to formulate an ink in the color or unique formulation that they felt was ideally suited for their vision and works. Most of Speedball’s Posse friends have opted to do just that and have been working hard with Speedball in the lab to dial in their ink to be just right for their studios. Two Posse members even opted to go the way of creating a limited edition paper perfect for their prints. Also available are a selection of limited edition Speedball Posse Acrylic Screen Printing Inks here.

Speedball’s Posse Relief Inks are made from a water-miscible, oil base, and feature the highest quality pigments and no fillers. Offering consistent rollout and magnificent print quality, these inks feature the working properties that professional artists demand. Additionally, they still clean up easily with soap and water or traditional window cleaner.

Select from any of the Posse artists below to learn more about them, their work and their limited edition Posse product.

Formulated to possess all of the working properties that artists demand, Speedball Professional® Relief Inks are made from the highest quality, lightfast pigments and contain no fillers. They roll out consistently and transfer beautifully, resulting in intense, crisp, archival prints. Containing 10 single pigment colors and a Transparent Base, these professional grade inks all carry the AP Seal. They can clean up easily with soap and water or traditional window cleaner. Most notably, the Speedball Professional Relief series boasts its flagship color Speedball Supergraphic Black, created by world-renowned relief artist, Bill Fick.


1. Ancient Clay by Kill Joy
2. Cactus Blossom by Lili Arnold 
3. Electric Pink by Valerie Lueth of Tugboat Printshop
4. Guided by Green by Sean Star Wars
5. Hoppin’ Holland Blue by Anna Hasseltine
6. MintJerk by DeerJerk (Bryn Perrott)
7. Print Revolution Red by Bill Fick
8. Riverstone Blue by Aftyn Shah

Formulated for and rigorously tested by preeminent printmaker, Martin Mazorra, Cannonball Black Letterpress Ink is a water-miscible, oil-based ink that delivers optimum working time, excellent ink transfer and superior cleanup, requiring only soap and water or traditional window cleaner.

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Speedball BP

Ancient Clay, Cactus Blossom, Canonball Black, Electric Pink, Guided by Green, Hoppin’ Holland Blue, MintJerk, Print Revolution Red, Riverstone Blue

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