Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic Sets


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Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic Sets

With its longer working time, extensive colour selection, superior covering power, and affordable price, Holbein Heavy Body Acrylics are sure to find a home in every painter’s palette. Holbein completely re-engineered their acrylic colour line in 2013 to deliver more colour vigor and higher lightfast ratings. The new 113 colour palette consists of colours derived from both Western and Easter influences, specifically designed to add luster, intensity and brilliance to your work. Holbein’s heavy body acrylic formula has a unique texture, similar to that of extra fine oils. It is brushable and will retain any peaks or ridges created in thick applications. Additionally, it can be thinned with water or Holbein Acrylic Mediums, or scumbled as thin dry brush layer. Try the new gels to thicken, extend and texture your colour. Use mediums to thin and create watercolour and wet-into-wet techniques using acrylics.

Professional quality at an affordable price.

Holbein Acrylic Sets:

Primary 5 Color Set includes five primary colors for the artist and student.

Set Contents:
AU551, Primary Magenta
AU552, Primary Yellow
AU553, Primary Cyan
AU554, Primary Black
AU555, Primary White

Basic 6 Set comes with six essential colors to start painting with Holbein Heavy Body Acrylic today!

Set Contents:
AU402, Quinacridone Red
AU435, Imidazolone Yellow
AU452, Viridian Hue
AU473, Phthalo Blue Red Shade
AU532, Mars Black
AU541,Titanium White

Standard Color 12 Set is an ideal selection of indispensable colors.

Set Contents (12 x :
AU410, Naphthol Red Light, AU472, Phthalo Blue
AU408, Naphthol Red Deep, AU481, Ultramarine Blue
AU438, Hansa Yellow Light, AU491, Dioxazine Violet
AU443, Yellow Ochre, AU511, Burnt Sienna
AU451, Phthalo Green, AU532, Mars Black
AU457, Middle Green, AU541, Titanium White

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Set of 12, Set of 5, Set of 6

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