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With over 50 years of producing high quality screen printing inks, Speedball fabric screen printing inks have richer colours, greater coverage, smoother workability, softer handling and easier water clean up!  These inks will wear as long as the fabric!

Fabric & Paper Ink
19 Brilliant colors including fluorescent and process colors for use on cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon and other synthetic fibers (NOT for use on nylon). Also works great on paper and cardboard! Washfast when properly heat-set. Non-Flammable, contains no solvents and no offensive smell. AP Non-Toxic conforms to ASTM D-4236. Can be screen printed or painted on with a brush. Archival Qualities

Fluorescent Ink
This ink glows under ultraviolent (UV) light / black light and create noticeable or extra-bright color contrast. Inks look neon under UV light and fluorescent lamps.

Opaque Fabric and Paper Inks
10 Iridescent opaque colors. Ideal for use on dark fabrics, paper or cardboard (not for use on nylon). Washfast when properly heat-set. Non-flammable, no solvents and no offensive smell. AP non-toxic conforms to ASTM D-4236. Can be screen printed or painted on with a brush and cleans up easily with water. Archival qualities.

Phosphorescent Fabric Inks
Night-Glo Phosphorescent color in 8oz. sealed jars – at night ink glows in the dark!

Available in a 8 oz. jar.

Check out these Limited Edition Print Posse Speedball Inks!

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Speedball Screen Print Colours

Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Hot Pink, Fluorescent Lime Green, Fluorescent Magenta, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, Night Glo Blue, Night Glo Green, Night Glo Original, Night Glo Yellow, Opaque Pearl Amethyst, Opaque Pearl Black, Opaque Pearl Blue Topaz, Opaque Pearl Citrine Yellow, Opaque Pearl Emerald, Opaque Pearl Raspberry, Opaque Pearl Sherbert Orange, Opaque Pearl White, Orange, Process Cyan, Process Magenta, Process Yellow, Red, Violet, White

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