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Jacquard Basic Dyes

Jacquard Basic Dyes are the perfect solution for hard-to-dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibers (e.g. faux fur, wigs and inexpensive yarn), these dyes are also the go-to for wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp! Use them for potpourri, dolls, buttons and furniture, or add to Piñata Claro Extender for custom alcohol ink colors.

An essential tool for cosplay artists!

Jacquard Basic Dyes are exceptionally easy to use. The process is so simple that commercial dyers often use them to color fibers such as silk and wool. However, they tend to have poor light- and wash fastness on fabric, so they are generally only used by home fabric dyers when other dye is not an option. As a class, Basic Dye offers some of the most vibrant and intense colors available for any fiber. They are frequently used when maximum color intensity is desired.

Dip-dye or brush on!


Acrylic fibers, wood, reeds, straw, hemp, and paper as well as leather and more.


  • Powder form
  • Available in 13 colours
  • Size: 0.50 oz/14.17 g
  • Vibrant alternative when regular dyes will not cut it
  • Intended for durable, tough substrates


For more information visit Jacquard Products

Check out this video on using Basic Dye to color wood:

Coloring Wood with Jacquard Basic Dyes (short version) from Jacquard Products on Vimeo.

Additional information

Basic Dye

001 Yellow, 003 Golden Yellow, 005 Orange, 007 Pink, 009 Red, 011 Purple, 013 Crystal Violet, 015 Blue, 017 Turquoise, 019 Malachite, 021 Green, 023 Brown, 025 Black

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