Guerrilla Painter Telescoping Mahl Stick


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Guerrilla Painter Plein Air Telescoping Mahl Stick 

This Telescoping Mahl Stick from Guerrilla Painter is made from a lightweight aluminum with stainless steel and brass hardware, ideal for travel. This essential painters tool is compact at 11.5″ long, extending to 21.25″.

What is a Mahl Stick?

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: A mahlstick, or maulstick, is a stick with a soft leather or padded head used by painters to support the hand with which they hold their paintbrush. The word derives from the Dutch maalstok ‘painter’s stick’, from malen ‘to paint’. In 16th- through 19th-century paintings of artists, including self-portraits, the maulstick is often depicted as part of the painter’s equipment.

What is a Mahl Stick?

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