Sennelier Soft Pastels 40 Assorted Half Pastels


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Sennelier Soft Pastels 40 Assorted Half Pastels

This set of 40 Assorted Half Pastels contains a strong foundational color palette while offering enough choice to tackle a range of subject matter.

This set of half-stick extra-soft pastels includes: Apple Green 205, Bistre 061, Blue Grey, Green 500, Blue Violet 333, Bright Yellow 341, Bronze Green Deep 158, Cadmium Yellow Light 297. Cerulean Blue 261, Cobalt Blue 353, 356, Flesh Ochre 016, Golden Ochre 127, Helios Red 681. Hot Brown 191, Ivory Black 513, Brown Lake 266, Lawn Green 148, Lemon Yellow 600, 602 and 603. Madder Carmine 378, Magenta Violet 940 and 944, Mummy 104, Naples Yellow 099. Orange Lead 037, Prussian Blue 288, Raw Sienna 508, Red Brown 006, Reseda Grey Green 212. Sapphire Blue 620, Ultramarine Deep 388, Van Dyck Brown 439, Van Dyck Violet 406 and 409. Vermilion 083, Viridian 252 and 256, White 525 and Yellow Ochre 115.

Manufacturing process of the Sennelier cylindrical pastel does not compress the paste, and the pastel dries naturally in open air. Made with high quality, pure pigment.

The name Sennelier is synonymous with the finest pastels available in the world. Their intensity of colour and singular velvety feel have been appreciated by pastel artists since the turn of the century. Sennelier’s first colours were commissioned by Degas, and are made the same way today by hand. Unlike other pastels, Sennelier pastels are pure pigment and are devoid of any fillers of clay, which dull the pastel’s colour. An exclusive natural binder holds their hand-selected pigments together, yielding vivid, and water-soluble colour. This set offers an introduction to Sennelier quality at an affordable price, perfect for beginners and students. The half stick’s more robust form is perfect for turning on their sides and applying broad strokes.

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