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Guerrilla Painter Carton Board

Post-impressionist painters like Toulouse Lautrec and Eduard Vuillard used tan card stock for oil painting. Guerrilla Carton board is a thin, resin-sized card stock that is far more permanent than that used by those famous painters. Think of Guerrilla Cartón as a super-thin (1/32”) “Masonite”- but with a twist. The fibers are impregnated with a resin that keeps the board from warping when it gets wet with paint. The resin also protects the fibers from the deleterious effects of oils.

Many artists paint directly on them, but for most oil techniques. We recommend a coat of Golden GAC-100 Multi-Purpose Acrylic Polymer or acrylic gel medium sizing to reduce absorbency while retaining the color. An acrylic gesso may also be used to create a white surface. Very lightweight and compact, good for use while traveling.


  • Lightweight (1/32″ thick)
  • Economical
  • Great undercolor for oil, acrylic or pastel paintings.
  • 6 sheets per pack
  • Made in the USA

Guerrilla carton board

Each Package contains 6 Boards

“I’ve been painting on this surface for more than 20 years and it has held up very
well. After being taped to the roof of my greenhouse for a year, it showed some
slight fading – ending up about 10% lighter in shade.”
Carl from Guerilla Painter

Image result for carl judson paints on Guerrilla Carton

Guerrilla Cartón™ with its warm tan colour makes a wonderfully sympathetic surface for oil, acrylic or pastel paintings. It is possible to paint directly on it, but many oil and acrylic painters use a coat of clear acrylic gesso or matte gel medium to make the surface a little less absorbent.

One nifty property of Guerrilla Cartón™ is that it does not buckle when wet. This makes it possible to prime with gesso or gel mediums and its till lays flat. Very lightweight and compact, good for use while traveling. Take advantage of these thin, light-weight panels in the field and then use acrylic medium or some similar adhesive to mount your finished paintings on Museum Board, Masonite or Gatorfoam before framing.

Plein Air Painters and Urban Artists will appreciate working on a mid-tone painting surface that does not reflect blinding sunlight back into the eyes of the artist.

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5×7", 6×8"

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