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da Vinci Series 5023 Maestro 2 Hog Bristle Brush – Flat

A flat brush is similar to a bright shape but longer in length. The brush may be used to create thick or thin marks. The edges of each stroke will be sqaure compared to a round or filbert brush. Flats are often preferred for painting larger areas with a smooth strokes. It is less stiff than the bright. 


Flags of bristles – while it grows, the bristle splits into two or more tips, the ‘flags’. This fullness of the bristle accounts for the ability to hold a large amount of colour.

Interlocking two equal-sized portions of bristle are set against each other with the natural curve of the bristle turned inward. MAESTRO artists brushes of interlocked construction are labor-intensive; however, they will keep their form even after long and intensive use.

da Vinci Brush uses full length top-quality bristles and mounts them deep within the ferrule, attached to the handle. Beware of cheaper brands. This image show a cut away to reveal how some companies may cut corners in hair length and construction. The length of bristle hair is very important. The brush will last longer and have more flexibility and responsiveness. Maestro brushes are a true pleasure to use.

Watch these brushes being made in Germany

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Brush Size Basic

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