The Power of Glazing and Scumbling


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The Power of Glazing and Scumbling Oil Painting Techniques Workshop WITH OKSANA ZHELISKO


12:30 PM – 5:30 PM

$90 ($80 + $10 Supply Fee) + Supply List

Class Limit: 15 Students

For artists at mid-beginner to intermediate levels

Glazing is the brushing of a thin, transparent, darker paint layer over an area of dry paint.

Scumbling is the application of a thin opaque or semi-opaque layer on top of the dark layer.

Both techniques will allow you to create luminosity, depth, and surface variation in your paintings. This is a very efficient way to paint because textured and smooth surface variations can be used to create the illusion of three-dimensional space. The first part of the class we will concentrate on the creation of a detailed, monochromatic under-painting by using black and white acrylic paint. The second part of the class will be on modifying and building thin layers of saturated oil paint colours and further establishing contrast in the painting. After the class your paintings are going to improve with a better understanding of transparent and opaque pigments. You will take home a finished painting.

The Power of Glazing and Scumbling Oil Painting Techniques Workshop

The Power of Glazing and Scumbling Oil Painting Techniques Workshop

About the Instructor:

Classically trained in Eastern Europe, Oksana began her art career in L’viv, Ukraine. Oksana studied at the Ivan Trush College of Decorative Arts. She chose to make painting, especially of murals, her specialty. In 2001, she held her first solo exhibition at the L’viv University of Ivan Franko. Oksana brings her training, skill, and passion to her painting, and she is versatile in expressive styles. She is adept at many genres, including portraiture, still life, and landscape.

To see more of Oksana’s work, check out her website and Instagram:


Instagram: @zheliskoart

Youtube: @zheliskoart

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Instructor will provide: Black and white acrylic paint, 1 sponge brush, Flat ½” & 3/8” round brush, Green Gold oil paint

Student Supplies:

    1. Artist quality paints such as Gamblin Oil:
        • Indian Yellow
        • Transparent Red Oxide
        • Raw Umber
        • Ultramarine Blue
        • Titanium White
    2. Brushes: soft synthetic or natural (black or red sable) Filbert #10, Flat 3/4″, Dodo Mop 1/2″, Liner #00
    3. Gamblin Galkyd Lite oil medium or any other oil medium of your choice
    4. 11 x 14″ canvas
    5. Disposable paper palette, wooden, or plastic
    6. Suitable art clothes, cloths or paper towel, notebook, lunch, drink, and your own PPE (mask, hand sanitizer)

You will receive a 20% discount on all art supplies from your registration, until the end of the class!

Artelier is located at 10045 81 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB (back alley entrance). The workshop space is one block south of The Paint Spot.

The Power of Glazing and Scumbling Oil Painting Techniques Workshop, Edmonton, Alberta

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