Marker Drawing – Van Gogh Landscape


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6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

$50 + Supply List

Class Limit: 12 Students

A simple line can describe so much visual poetry. In this class, we will work directly using markers, no pencils, to capture more than just an outline. Learn how to quickly and deftly express contour, shape, texture, and perspective using simple lines.

Van Gogh is well known for his textural and expressive oil paintings, but have you looked at his pen and ink drawings? These drawings are equally impressive and worth a study because they demonstrate careful observation and draftsmanship while describing objects. Line weight, mark-making, and line variety are all used effectively to describe trees, fields, buildings, and skies. Ink is used with simplicity and economy while the white spaces are left as important part of the composition. Let’s create several sketches inspired by this master.

Plein air painters, urban sketchers, cartoonists, and other artists will benefit from this class because they will experience how sketchbooks and drawing exercises help an artist see and capture details to create interesting images more quickly.

Here are just a few of the concepts covered in this fast-paced class:

  • Carefully sketch the basic composition.
  • Consider how the image will expand across the page, fill the corners, and spill out of the picture plane.
  • What is the shape of the lightest part of the composition?
  • Use the white space to contain and describe the mid-tone and dark areas.
  • What is the darkest part of the composition? Concentrate mark-making in that area.
  • Consider how different marks can build smaller shapes of lights, mid-tones, and darks.

About the Instructor: Kim Fjordbotten has a BFA in Art & Design and owns The Paint Spot. She has been teaching methods and materials for art-making for more than 20 years. As a member of the International Trade Association she has gained experience in the traditional ways paints are manufactured and endeavours to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the industry. Her passions are encouraging people to get started in art and helping professionals to get the most from their materials.

YouTube: The Paint Spot

Instagram: @kim.fjordbotten

Student Supplies:

  1. Pentel Pocket Brush
  2. Faber-Castell brush markers or Tombow markers in 3 shades of grey
  3. SMLT Bristol Sketch 7 x 10” Stitched Album
  4. Ruler, pencil, and vinyl eraser
  5. Student can work from the landscape or from their photos. The instructor will also share images.
  6. Suitable art clothes, cloths or paper towel, notebook, lunch, drink, and your own PPE (mask, hand sanitizer)

You will receive a 20% discount on all art supplies from your registration until the end of the series!

Artelier is located at 10045 81 Avenue NW (back alley entrance). The workshop space is one block south of The Paint Spot.

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