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Saa Colour #2 Assortment (10+1 FREE Pack)


Modern artists, craftspeople and hobbyists have vastly expanded the range of applications for mulberry paper, called saa in Thailand and chiyogami in Japan. The most common uses are probably as cover papers for bookbinders, and as accent or envelope linings for invitations, but many other uses are possible and common.

This is a pre-pack of 10 colours + one free sheet of Saa Papers. Each sheet is 22"x30" (approximate size) and has a wild deckled edge. It is smooth on one side for painting, printing, and collage. The rough size attractive for bookbinding, lampshades and more.

Mulberry is a tree native to Northern Thailand. It is a persistent perennial and regenerates itself after each harvest. Making handmade paper from it is labour-intensive but worth it. Mulberry’s long fibers are ideal for creating strong durable papers. Talented papermakers ensure artists have an unlimited range of colours, textures and patterns.

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