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Umbria Tip-Dyed Synthetic Bright Brush Series 6200B


Long Handle with Velvetouch™ Finish • A firm blend designed for heavier-bodied paints.

One of the most popular Princeton Brushes and perhaps because of its looks as much as its amazing performance. Umbria™ is truly special with its deep olive colored handles coated with our Velvetouch™ silicone sealer. These brushes look beautiful in your studio, feel great in your hand, and provide unique performance characteristics. The resilient hair is not as stiff as natural bristle, but has a significantly more firm response than white synthetic or sable.

Brights have short, flat bristles forming a square-shaped head. They are used for controlled detailing and making sharp edges. Being shorter and stiffer than flats, they are suitable for short marks of thick paint.