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Princeton Synthetic Mongoose Filbert Brush Series 6600FB


Long Handle. A more durable replacement for a once-cherished natural hair.

Mongoose was once a popular choice for oil painters. Cherished for its medium firm touch, mongoose was less soft than sable, yet more responsive than natural bristle. Natural mongoose has become more tightly controlled by governments internationally, which is just fine by us. Princeton Brush has created a synthetic version so like the original, at a much more affordable price. Because it is synthetic, acrylic painters are encouraged to add Series 6600 to their collection. Still a great performer in all viscosities of oil paint as well.

Filbert, is basically a round shape which has been expertly crimped flat on one side. The brush may be used to create thick or thin marks. The edges of each stroke will be rounded compared to a flat or bright brush. Filberts are often preferred for portrait painting and high realism. Brush strokes are less obvious when the marks vary in size and shape.