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Oil Acrylic Pads by Hahnemuhle

Oil Acrylic Pads by Hahnemuhle Click image to zoom

For artists with good taste: nothing is better for presenting oil and acrylic paints than this paper, which is available both in sheets and blocks. We only brought in the pads for your preview and we will be ordering the sheets soon.

The paper is internally sized and has a special barrier layer to prevent bleeding and a halo effect. This quality is perfect for beginners, advanced painters and professional artists. The board possesses the natural linen structure of a genuine canvas guaranteeing the excellent results to be expected from oil and acrylic painting. Acid free and age resistant.

The compact block format is handy for plein air painting. The sheets are glued on all edges and will not fly up in the wind nor bunch up under heavy brush activity.

This high quality oil/acrylic paint board is natural white and is made of 100% cellulose.