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Sennelier Abstract Acrylics 120 ml Set of 5


Sennelier's Heavy-Body Abstract Innovative Acrylics Are Just That—Innovative!
Sennelier has been on the cutting edge of the art world for generations, always working and listening to artists in order to design better products around their needs—like Picasso and the invention of the oil pastel. Sennelier has now taken the world of Heavy-Body Acrylics by storm with their Abstract Innovative Acrylics, ideal for both large work and "street art". The squeezable pouch displays a transparent window for color reference and level check!The pouches collapse and roll up this means less air gets into the container so your paints will last long. Plus the package gets smaller as you use it. This is great of artists on the go or travelling back and forth to art class.
Acrylic Painters of all Levels
Muralists, Street Artists, Students
Selecting Colors Quickly

Key Features:
Heavy-Bodied Acrylic with High Pigment Concentration
Ultra-Transparent, Ultra-Strong Pouch Packaging
Waste Free: Innovative Pouch squeezes free every last bit of Acrylic Paint
34 Single Pigment Colors; 60 total Shades
The range of colour includes some extremely glossy colours.