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da Vinci Travel Brush Set #5382


Travel Brush case - Series 1573
one piece each: Series 1573, Sizes #4, #6, #10
Our tried and tested pocket travel brushes are now available in an attractive, robust artificial leather case. An original and valuable gift idea for all those who love painting in the countryside.

da Vinci 1573 brush is an affordable alternative to the da Vinci 1503 Pocket Sable Brush. The brush is made with da Vinci Cosmo Top Spin Synthetic which is a superior performing synthetic brush. If budget is a concern, this brush will serve you well for outdoor sketching, travel and studio.

The black plastic body acts as a handle. Then screws off to cap the brush at the other end. The hair is concealed and protected within the body of the brush. There is a tiny hold drilled into the end of the handle to allow the hair to dry while the brush is capped. Thank you da Vinci brush. You think of everything.